The curriculum

 We love to learn!

At The Avenue we believe that the curriculum should be as exciting and stimulating as possible. We actively seek to promote a love of learning by making school fun and relevant whilst at the same time ensuring standards are high in order to prepare your children for their future.  We use the Cornerstones projects as a base for our leaning.  The topics are exciting and full of practical ideas for learning. 

The Nursery follows the National Early Years Curriculum and works towards the children achieving the Government’s desirable outcomes on entering compulsory education. These recognise that young children learn through exploratory play and structured activities. Our Nursery children develop their self-confidence, independence and social skills in a secure and happy environment.

From Year 2 onwards the children are taught swimming as part of the National Curriculum. Swimming is taught in mixed gender classes.

The staff and governors work together to continually develop our school’s curriculum content to
ensure that the very best provision is made to extend children’s skills in every way. In particular we focus on each child’s linguistic, scientific, creative, mathematical, technological, physical and social development as well as concerning ourselves deeply with their moral and spiritual growth. The schools uses the 'Cornerstones' curriculum as a bases for learning. 

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum serves as a framework for our curriculum policy, which allows teachers to respond effectively to individual learning needs.  Consequently we provide teaching which is flexible, relevant and meaningful in order to prepare children for their further educational development and to enable them to take part fully as citizens within our society.

Children in the Reception class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum this comprises of seven key areas of learning and development which are:
Three Prime Areas: Personal, Social and emotional Development; Physical Development; Communication and Language.
Four Specific Areas: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design.

Children in Years 1 to 6 (Key Stages 1 and 2) follow the subjects of the National Curriculum.

There are eleven compulsory subjects in the National Curriculum, as follows:
Core Subjects    English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communications Technology, Religious Education.
Non-Core Subjects    Design and Technology, Geography, History, Art and Design, Music, and Physical Education

The delivery of the whole curriculum is achieved through a mixture of cross-curricular and subject specific teaching using the 'Cornerstones' curriculum.  Cross-curricular work involves teaching and learning activities based on a theme, or topic, involving the children in work which links subjects together. Subject specific teaching focuses on core skills, such as literacy and numeracy and gives teachers the flexibility to respond to individual learning needs.  The application of these approaches results in a carefully planned progression of the acquisition of knowledge and skills.  In order to ensure this progression, teachers take into account the child’s previous achievements and any learning needs the child may have.

English is linked to our curriculum topics.  We try to use reading and writing skills across all curriculum areas.  We have attached curriculum expectations for each year group.