Special Educational Needs

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) coordinator is Miss Booth. There is a close working relationship with our visiting Support Teacher, Mrs G. Daniels, to ensure that proper provision is being made for those children who need it. Our Support staff work with children who are identified as having SEND needs as in-class support, with small groups or in 1 to1.

The Avenue School has always been committed to recognising Special Educational Needs. All children have individual needs, but some children may experience difficulties with particular aspects of the curriculum, and other children may be very high achievers who need more individually tailored programmes of study. In addition to the Learning Support Service, we also liaise with the Psychological Service, which helps us with learning and behaviour difficulties. Our commitment will continue and parents who are concerned about their children in this area should consult with their child’s teacher in the first instance.

For more information see our Policy or SEND Information Report (Local Offer) below.

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