My Town Competition

22nd May 2015

Your town is changing

Drawing Competition

  • Win a trip in the brand new glass lift at the Grand Reopening of the Tees Transporter Bridge with local artist Mackenzie Thorpe!
  • Win a sports day at the new Middlesbrough Sports Village for your school!
  • Plus, the winning entry will appear as a poster in Middlesbrough Town Centre!


A huge amount of money - £500m - is currently being spent on improving Middlesbrough for the future.
A brand new Sports Village, a major upgrade of Middlesbrough Town Hall, and new shops on Baker and Bedford Street are just a few of the exciting things currently happening in your town right now.

The Tees Transporter Bridge, thanks to a £2.6m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has also had a major upgrade and will be opening fully to the public in May.  A new glass lift and improved walkway across the top mean now it’s easy for anyone to experience the thrilling views from the bridge. Other great improvements include a new gondola for cars, bikes and pedestrians, and an improved visitor centre to learn all about the bridge and its history.

New hotels, houses and world-class teaching buildings at Middlesbrough College and Teesside University mean more jobs, better educational facilities for young people, better homes and more fun things to do!
Recently Middlesbrough-born artist Mackenzie Thorpe was so impressed by all the exciting things happening throughout the town that he was inspired to create a collection of new paintings called The Station Posters.  Twelve of these paintings have been transformed into old fashioned railway posters and are on display on the platforms at Middlesbrough Station.  One of Mackenzie’s favourite things about the town is the football team, and one of his pictures was painted especially to celebrate the Boro.  This inspired us to find out what everyone else’s favourite things about Middlesbrough are! The Station Posters collection can be viewed in full at



To win one of these amazing prizes for our school all you have to do is draw/paint/colour a picture about what you like best about your town or your favourite part of Middlesbrough.  Please draw onto the template provided – you can download extra copies below. Please make sure you put your name and age on the back of all entries – you can enter as many times as you like.

The deadline for entries returned back to school is Tuesday 2nd June 2015.


Good luck and have a wonderful half term.



Mr Gamble